Blocked Care: Helping Parents Regain Compassion

This 60 minute session was recorded as part of the National Adoption Conference on September 22, 2021. You may register to take this session as a stand-alone course for $10. Once registered, you'll be redirected back to this page and you can click on the webinar title below to get started.

When a child is exposed to early adversity, their brain may activate a premature defense mechanism putting them in a chronic state of survival. This may result in blocked trust. When a parent continually makes attempts to connect and there is no reciprocity from the child, this may result in a corresponding activation of the parent’s defense system, resulting in blocked care. In this presentation, learn to recognize the nine signs of blocked care and what parents need to regain compassion. 

At this time, CEs are not available for this course. However, you will receive a training certificate upon completion of the course.

Lisa Qualls
TBRI Practitioner

Melissa Corkum
Post Adoption Support Specialist
The Adoption Connection
Prerecorded Conference Session
Blocked Care: Helping Parents Regain Compassion
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