Supporting Families Through Kinship Adoption

This 60 minute session was recorded as part of the National Adoption Conference on September 23, 2021. You may register to take this session as a stand-alone course for $10.  Once registered, you'll be redirected back to this page and you can click on the webinar title below to get started.

Kinship adoption comes with its own unique set of challenges and joys. This workshop provides the essential tools needed for professionals to work effectively with parents to increase their understanding of kinship adoption and deepen their attachment to their children. The curriculum explores kinship adoption from a practical, emotional and informative lens. Topics covered include: taking about kinship adoption and openness in family relationships, the effects of trauma and importance of attachment, identifying family supports and ways to create a new family identity.  

At this time, CEs are not available for this course. However, you will receive a training certificate upon completion of the course.

Mark Lacava
Chief Clinical Officer
Spence-Chapin Services to Families & Children
Prerecorded Conference Session
Supporting Families Through Kinship Adoption
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