Post Adoption Connection Center

This 60 minute session was recorded as part of the National Adoption Conference on September 23, 2021. You may register to take this session as a stand-alone course for $10.  Once registered, you'll be redirected back to this page and you can click on the webinar title below to get started.

How many calls from families have you received describing a crisis situation with their child that leave you paralyzed on how to help? This presentation details Nightlight Christian Adoptions’ Post Adoption Connection Center services to their clients and specifically sharing on their crisis response process. They will offer details on the structure of their agency’s Placement Stabilization Team, made up of support staff, that respond to all crisis situations with their clients. They will outline the steps of this process and offer ways for you to create a similar structure within your own agency.

At this time, CEs are not available for this course. However, you will receive a training certificate upon completion of the course.

Heather Sloan
Director of Post Adoption Connection Center
Nightlight Christian Adoptions
Heather Sloan graduated from Baylor University’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work in 2005 with her BSW. She began working in adoption in 2006 and has held various titles including International Program Manager, Education Specialist, Inquiry Specialist, and her current position as the Director of Post Adoption Connection Center for Nightlight Christian Adoptions.
Lisa Prather
Vice President of Operations
Nightlight Christian Adoptions
Lisa Prather graduated from The University of Oklahoma School of Social Work with her BSE in 1998 and later received her MSW from the University of Kansas in 2002. Lisa began working in the field of social work first as a child welfare employee investigating child abuse and neglect. After a brief stint in hospice work, Lisa worked in therapeutic foster care for 5 years and then joined the Nightlight Christian Adoption Team in 2008. Lisa has held the following positions at Nightlight: Assistant Director-SC Office, Executive Director-KY Office, and Vice President of Operations since 2016.
Prerecorded Conference Session
Post Adoption Connection Center
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