Package Description

This package gives you access to six sessions of the 2020 Virtual National Adoption Conference that was held June 23-24, 2020. You may purchase this six pack for $50, or you can pick from the individual session for $10 each. 

The Connected Family: Understanding and Supporting Adoptive Families
Jana Hunsley
When you bring a child from a hard place into your home, it affects every member of the family. In this session, you will learn how siblings of children from hard places are impacted by adoption and foster care, how each member of the family affects each other, and how to create a more cohesive family using TBRI strategies.

"The Talk" How to Speak With Children about Race and Adoption
Ebony Mack
Race and adoption are challenging subjects individually. Many professionals (and parents) feel challenged by discussions of both of these sensitive subjects. This session aims to give participants tools to address these big conversations. Participants will learn: the ways race affects transracial adoption, where bi-/multi-racial children fit into the conversation, how to talk with children about race and adoption, and how to talk with parents about race and adoption. Participants will leave with specifics on how to address these matters regarding children in the foster care system in addition to children adopted from birth.

Preparing in-home children for foster/adopt children
A.J. Zehner
As a foster/adopt agency, it is just as important to adequately prepare children for the arrival of foster/adopt siblings as it is to prepare resource parents. In this training, a day-long training for children will be presented. The training of children is age appropriate, activity based, and prepares them for the arrival of siblings. It also creates a space for them to ask questions, dispel myths, and to get advice about how to address their peers when questions arise about new family members.

The Baggage We Carry: Creating an Awareness of How our Past Impacts our Parenting and Making it Work
Megan Montgomery
This presentation discusses the importance of recognizing that we all have “stuff” in our history that we bring to relationships.  Specifically, we will focus on understanding how a parent’s own past traumas can affect their parenting. Throughout the presentation there will be a focus on how to gain an awareness of this "baggage" and ways to cope with it so that we can feel more successful as parents.

Honestly and Transparently Advocating for Children from Hard Places: Ethically Recruiting Families for Children
Jennifer Lanter  
This presentation will touch on the ethical considerations of recruiting families for children who come from hard places.  How do you advocate for children who have experienced trauma and need special care without exploiting their pain and circumstances.  How do you find families who understand the scale and scope of parenting a child who has suffered trauma?

Search and Reunion in Adolescence
Debbie Riley
The media often presents the dramatic and heartwarming aspects of search and reunion, but the reality is much more complex. These stories often focus on adult adoptees meeting birth family members. Today adolescent adoptees increasingly are seeking birth family contact. The old refrain of “wait till your 18” is a thing of the past. This workshop will address how to assess a teen’s emotional readiness for  search and reunion; preparation for all members of the adoption constellation; and managing the potential relationship challenges that can surface after reunion. Ms. Riley will explore the impact of technology, social media, and DNA testing on search and reunion.

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