Consider the Possibilities

PLEASE NOTE - This course does NOT provide social work CE credits OR New York contact hours.

The Pregnancy Counseling Training is an online program designed to give professionals basic knowledge and the tools they need to understand and share the option of adoption on an equal basis with all other options. This training aims to give pregnancy counselors the confidence to comfortably share the option of adoption so that pregnant clients can be empowered to make a fully informed decision.

This free online training can be taken at any time and you may register for the training and take it all at once or in segments at your convenience. You may also revisit the training site later to access the many downloadable resources available to help you share the positive option of adoption.

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Course Details

Course Introduction
About the Program
Course Overview
The Adoption Option
Pre-Test Attitude Inventory
Background on Adoption
The History of Adoption
Good For the Birth Mother and Child
Quiz: Key Research Points
The Barriers
Counselor View Points
What Do I Say to a Client Who Says…?
Sample Responses
Case Studies
Overview of the Legal Process
Legal Process, continued
Importance of Good Communication
Intro to Accurate Adoption Language
Quiz: Accurate Adoption Language
The Role of Counseling
Accurate Language Roleplay
The Roles of Parents
If Parenting Was a Job
Parenting Job Description
Introduction to Counseling
Critical Thinking
Quiz: Accident, Mistake, or Choice?
An Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters
The Choice Model
Basic Tools & Techniques
Maintaining a Critical-Thinking Mindset
Tools: Ten-Minute Solutions
Extraordinary Choices Worksheet
Possible Questions to Explore the Adoption Option
Mech Adoption Interest Inventory
The Choice Model
If Parents Were Hired, Would you Apply?
Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are Pregnant
What Do I Say to a Client Who Says...?
Course Wrap Up
Course Review
Quiz: Post-Program Attitude Inventory
Course Completion
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