Adoption Finance 101 for People Experiencing Infertility

PLEASE NOTE - This course does NOT provide social work CE credits OR New York contact hours.

A family thinking about adoption has a lot to consider. One important consideration is the financial cost of adoption. For parents who have previously pursued fertility treatments, the cost of this treatment may have created financial limitations. While there is a cost associated with adoption, adoption can be accessible to families of diverse backgrounds and financial situations. This hour-long class provides clarity to prospective families and highlights best practices for financing an adoption. Families will receive practical tips, tools, and expert advice on financing an adoption. NCFA staff also provides information on adoption financing options such as grants, loans, and budgeting. In addition, speakers offer guidance on determining eligibility for benefits such as the Adoption Tax Credit.

This webinar is made possible by the generous support of ARC Fertility.

Webinar length: 60 Minutes

Original webinar date: December 8, 2022

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Adoption Finance 101 for People Experiencing Infertility01:00:00
Adoption Finance 101 for People Experiencing Infertility 01:00:00
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